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Dateline, March 28th, 2007

New Review Posted for Blood Creek Haunting


Blood Creek Haunting
D. Musgrave
Erotic/Paranormal/Romance - Available April 2007
ISBN: 1-59426-991-2
Reviewed by Windrain

Emily Stein was a descendent of the Cherokee warriors that died at the Blood Creek Massacre. Her great-great grandfather Eustis was in the U.S. Calvary that slaughtered the Cherokee's in the Massacre. He took a Cherokee bride and that was who Emily was named after. Her fiance Tyler Messer died in a plane crash, and Emily has been having nightmares ever since. However, now that she is back on her families land her nightmares have turned into dreams about a Cherokee man. After two years of not having a lover, she discovers her desire for her best friend. She has to let go of her control to overcome her fears and her control to set herself free to get rid of the nightmares and to love again.

Blood Creek Haunting was pleasing to read. D. Musgrave has great control over his characters and the scenes that he weaves together. It has many kinky scenes that will make your mouth water.


Dateline, March 25th, 2007

I'm pleased to announce that Phaze Publishing has released of Blood Creek Haunting. The e-book is available for purchase at Phaze.

Blood Creek Haunting Blurb

Emily is trying to rebuild her life after the loss of her fiance. As she's having a house built on her family's land, she discovers that her great-great grandfather was the leader of a Calvary brigade that massacred an Indian village. A set of strange hauntings begins and Emily must find some way to repay her ancestor's debt and find peace in her new life before she loses everything, including her mind.

Dateline January 6th, 2007

A new interview has been posted at the following address.

Dateline November 5th, 2006

Review of Blood Creek Haunting from In The Library

Reviewer: Safiya Tremayne
Rating: 8 Gargoyles

Emily Stein was aware of her family's history and the supposed rumors of her ancestor ordering the massacre of Blood Creek. But it was all supposition, there wasn't any solid proof of it or so she thought. While digging up the ground for a future garden, she comes across a pile of bones and realizes they're human. Not wanting the building of her new house to be held up, she hides the bones and summarily dismisses them from her mind. When the exact, same skull turns up back in her garden, worry creeps in. Is it possible her ancestor was responsible for the massacre? Is she being haunted by a Cherokee warrior?

Digging into her family's past is painful, but through it all Emily's best friend Tessa remains by her side. After a particularly emotional encounter, Emily realizes she has fallen in love with her best friend and is willing to take a chance. Tessa refuses to allow things to move too fast, knowing Emily might change her mind. When they learn the truth about the massacre and the reason Emily keeps seeing Fighting Eagle's ghost, something has to be done. For someone who has always had to be in control, Emily has to fight against her desire to be in control if she is to ever know happiness.

Romantic, tender, sensual, and erotic, Blood Creek Haunting is a noteworthy tale. This is more than Emily's love story; readers are given a glimpse of Little Deer and Fighting Eagle's love story. As a romantic, I enjoy the idea of loves finding each other after years of separation or even realizing what was before them all along, something Musgrave brings to life admirably. In the dedication, Musgrave mentions trying  new genres and this novella proves his/her ability to write romance well. Not to be missed.

Dateline: October 26th, 2006

Review of Blood Creek Haunting by RRT Erotic Reviews

Blood Creek - Present Day

Emily's day started just as ordinary as the day before.  She can almost taste the vegetable soup with fresh vegetables from her garden.  As Emily is day dreaming about the fruits of her labor, she finds a skull buried in the ground.  Of course, she freaks out and buries the skull under a construction pile.  Later, when the skull reappears, she throws it into the river.  When the stubborn thing finds its way back to her yet again, she consults with her best friend Tessa who is familiar with supernatural encounters.

While Emily is building up the nerve to offer help to the spirit, she is also fighting her attraction to Tessa.  She knows that Tessa dates women, but in the years of their friendship, she has never felt this way towards her before.  Emily decides that while trying to fix the ghost's problem, she will also work on her attraction to Tessa.  And boy, what a determined woman she becomes as she sets out to seduce her best friend.

BLOOD CREEK HAUNTING is a sizzling read in just 60 pages.  Musgrave serves up a mixture of sexual stimulation and the paranormal in quite a satisfying batch.  When Emily confronts her desire for Tessa, the heat fairly jumps off of the pages.  Be careful not to singe your fingers while reading this one.

Ariel Summer

Dateline: October 19th, 2006

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