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The reader is entertained by the journey of another, but the writer is the changer of worlds.
D'ni proverb

The Portal of Eros is for adults only. If you're of legal age and you are not offended by sexually explicit material, then please enter. However, if you are not old enough to view adult material, try here:

The works contained within are of my own conception and all copyright laws apply. Materials found on The Portal of Eros may be taken only for your own personal use and pleasure. You may not post them to any website or distribute them in any way without my expressed written permission. Plagiarism is not a victimless crime, don't be tempted. In The Portal of Eros, you will not find incest, pedophilia, rape, or bestiality.

The pictures, backgrounds, and graphics on The Portal of Eros were created by graphic artists. Where I know whom the artist is, I've made sure he or she receives the credit they deserve. If you see anything that belong to you and hasn't been deemed as yours, I'd be more than happy to correct, or remove the graphics if that's your wish.

With that business done, pull up a comfortable chair, your favorite beverage, and settle in. My wish is you'll find something in The Portal of Eros to capture your imagination. A wide range of genres are covered: Fantasy, Voyeurism, Noir, D/S, Bisexuality, XXX, and even a bit of humor. If I've to aroused your appetite, please join me in:

The Portal of Eros



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Bashful Girl

The Kristen Archives

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